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Latest Clinic News:

COVID-19.  We have changed our office setup and procedures to ensure that both patients and staff are as safe as possible during their visit.  Be assured that we are following the most up-to-date recommendations as provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and we are checking regularly for updates.

New Patient?

Telehealth visits are now available.  We are now able to perform medical visits via audio or video devices in the appropriate settings.  Be aware that there are some restrictions based on insurance guidelines.  Ask us for details.

Cold and flu season is upon us.  When you aren't feeling your best, save yourself some hassle and give us a call before going to the emergency department or urgent care.  We can frequently schedule same day or next day appointments for sick calls and best of all you'll be seeing your own doctor instead of a stranger.

1.  Download and complete the New Patient Questionnaire and submit this to the office via fax, mail, or in person.

2.  Once you are accepted as a new patient, download and complete the New Patient Registration form.  This may be submitted before or on the day or your first appointment.

 Immunization Update.  Influenza and pneumonia vaccines are available.  Immunizations are important for good health.  If you would like to get vaccinated please contact the office for information on availability and to schedule a time so we are prepared for you.  If our supply is exhausted, you can always visit your favorite retail pharmacy, where you can receive these life-saving treatments.  **We are not offering COVID-19 vaccines at this time**

We have moved to automated reminder calls as this frees up time for the office staff to take care of other important tasks.  We would hate for you to miss your appointment, so we are able to send you a reminder via automated phone call, text message or email.  **Remember, although we offer reminders, it is ultimately up to you to remember your appointment time and date.**  Despite all the technological advances, we still take pride in answering your phone calls in person.

Our billing department is now located off-site.  Don't worry, you will still hear our biller Linda's familar voice on the other end of the line to address any questions you may have.  Please note the new Billing Department contact number at the top border of the website.  Go to the Contact page to see her hours of availability.

Our office has free WiFi access available to our patients while you wait in the lobby.  Please ask for the password at the front desk.

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